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AMA Supermoto Sets Out to Revamp U.S. Championship Series

Corona, CA - AMA Supermoto and its partners have hit the ground running heading into 2020 with a strong team of individuals and a strategic plan of action to revamp the US championship series. Owner/operator Alex Mock has assembled some familiar faces to assist in bringing back the excitement and authenticity of the sport.

“When I first set out to run the series it was a big responsibility,” says Mock. “I didn’t have a massive team behind me and just kind of went with it. I have a passion for this series and want to see it grow back into what it once was with support from sponsors and manufacturers. I knew I couldn’t do it alone, so I set out to find the right industry experts that were involved firsthand back in the series’ hay-day. We understand we’re a little bit late to the game this late in the year but I know we have a strong and passionate team that can get it done.”

Joining the team for 2020 and beyond are ex Supermoto racers turned motorcycle industry veterans Darryl Atkins and Frankie Garcia.

Ex World Motocross and AMA Supermoto racer Darryl Atkins has joined AMA Supermoto as the Marketing and Sponsorship Director. Darryl brings a laundry list of racing accomplishments and industry knowledge to the table for the revamp of the series. The multi time AMA Supermoto race winner will be responsible for the addition of new series’ partners and advertising.

“It’s great to see the sport of Supermoto is coming back in a strong way,” says Atkins. “I’m excited to be a part of it and to be working with others who have a big passion for Supermoto. We are working on some exciting things for the future as the sport has so much potential. We look forward to be getting the support from the industry as having a healthy Supermoto series only benefits everyone.”

Alongside Darryl comes 2006 X Games Supermoto, 2007 AMA Supermoto Lites Championship, and current RSD SuperHooligan competitor Frankie Garcia. Garcia, a guru off all things motorcycle industry, brings his PR and media background to the table and will assist the team with press relations and media inquiries.

“I’m really excited and honored to be a part of this,” explains Garcia. “Alex and I have become pretty good friends in the last year. His passion for Supermoto itself is second to none. He is the guy that has kept the sport alive in recent years. I’ve seen firsthand the amount of work and attention he puts into it and I know what it will take to make this big again. I believe Alex has assembled a well-rounded team with Darryl and myself to help make it all happen. Supermoto holds a special place in my heart and is sentimental to me and I’d like nothing more than to see it become what it once was again.”

AMA Supermoto is currently in the works of not only finalizing a 2020 Championship schedule but also an equally important live stream video package that will include live racing from every stop of the series, behind the scenes pit reporting and sponsorship ad opportunities.

For more information about AMA Supermoto please contact

IG: @alexmock25

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For PR and media inquiries please contact

IG: @frankiegarcia24




Press Release | February 20, 2019


Pickerington, OH (February 20, 2019) – The 2019 AMA Supermoto National Championship Series schedule features two new venues to start the season.

The series, sanctioned by the American Motorcyclist Association, will kick off 2019 at a new event in Primm, Nevada, on April 6-7, followed by another new event in Grand Junction, Colorado, on May 18-19. The remainder of the schedule includes four returning events at venues in the United States and Canada.

The Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada, is sanctioned by the Canadian Motorcycle Association. That round, coupled with the event in Sturgis, S.D., determines the FIM North America Supermoto Championship.

“The AMA Supermoto National Championship Series represents the pinnacle of the sport in the United States,” AMA Track Racing Manager Ken Saillant said. “It is a sport that borrows elements from multiple disciplines to challenge riders, and we are looking forward to another season of intense competition.”

Supermoto racing includes a mix of street-style racing and motocross. Riders compete on tracks that feature dirt and pavement sections with jumps and turns. Venues can range from football stadiums to closed-course streets or parking lots.

The AMA Supermoto National Championship Series is promoted by DRT Racing.

“We are excited to announce the 2019 AMA Supermoto National Championship Series schedule, especially the Anthony Hart Memorial Race as our season opener,” DRT Racing President Alex Mock said. “In addition to the new venues we’ve added to the schedule, we’ve also secured manufacturer contingency programs for the teams and privateers, and select rounds will also feature a learn to ride program for new riders of all ages.”

2019 AMA Supermoto National Championship Series Schedule

April 6-7: Primm, Nev., Anthony Hart Memorial Race
May 18-19: Grand Junction, Colo.
June 14-15: Austin, Texas, 24th Annual ROT Rally
Aug. 3-4: Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada, 50th Grand Prix of Trois-Rivières (CMA/FIM North America sanctioned)
Sept. 6-7: Sturgis, S.D., 7th Annual Streets of Sturgis (AMA/FIM North America sanctioned)
Oct. 4-5: Tucson, Ariz., 5th Annual Musselman Honda Circuit

For more information about the 2019 AMA Supermoto National Championship Series, visit




CORONA, CA (June, 10 2018)

Rounds 3 and 4 of the AMA Supermoto Championship was a double header event, held at the Travis County Expo Center in Austin, Texas, as part of the 23rd Annual Republic of Texas (ROT) Biker Rally.  This unique pop-up track offered riders a very technical .5-mile circuit, with a 50/50 split of off-road and tarmac including, whoops section, cambered downhill turns and an off-road start in the flat track area.  High temperatures and humidity would test the rider’s fitness but the track and tire selection was what played a bigger role by the end of the weekend.

First up, the Pro Lites, defending class champion and current points leader Christian Payne grabbing the first pole position of the weekend over fellow competitors Brady Tausan, Austin Pecoraro and Hunter Brooks rounding out the front row.  As the lights went out it was Tausan Racing’s, Brady Tausan grabbing the holeshot and leading the opening laps of Moto 1.  Racing was wheel to wheel between Tausan and Payne with Pecoraro giving chase.  Payne would make his way around Tausan in the whoops section and would slowly pull away from the field. Racing heated up between Tausan and Tri-County Powersports rider Austin Pecoraro for the remainder of the first Moto with Tausan holding on to second place.  Pecoraro would come home third, GPS Racing’s Hunter Brooks forth and Peter Olivier rounding out the top 5.  

In Moto 2, Last Minute Racing’s Christian Payne would take the holeshot and early lead over Tausan, Brooks and Pecoraro. Payne would pull away from the field leaving the battle for the remaining podium spots between Tausan, Brooks and Pecoraro.  With Pecoraro being the only competitor in the field competing in both Pro Lites and Open Pro, he would start to feel the heat and slowly fade toward the end of the second Moto yielding the last podium spot to Hunter Brooks.  Payne would take the overall victory on Day 1 with Tausan and Brooks rounding out the podium.  

Next up in the Amateur National class it would be 805 Supermoto’s Parker Pitman earning pole position over current points leader Mad Cow Racing’s Kevin Wehr and visiting Taiwan Supermoto racer Lin Chin Pei.  In Moto 1 it was Kevin Wehr grabbing the holeshot but an early mistake in the off-road section on lap 1 would put him mid-pack yielding the lead to his Mad Cow Racing teammate Justin Monnett. Taiwan’s Lin would give a good chase with Pitman close behind.  Pitman would slowly make his way past Lin and Monnett, going on for the Moto win.  Monnett would second place with his teammate Wehr making an incredible comeback to end up third.  

Moto 2, would have Kevin Wehr taking the holeshot over his Mad Cow Racing teammate Justin Monnett, and 805’s Parker Pitman.  Pitman would make his way around Monnett as they entered the flat track area and set chase for the leader.  Wehr and Pitman are no strangers on track which made for great wheel to wheel racing for most of Moto 2 until a stall by Pitman on the asphalt section would allow Wehr to get away.  Wehr would go on to win Moto 2 and take the overall.  Day 1 saw Wehr on top of the podium with his teammate Justin Monnett 2nd, Parker Pitman 3rd overall.

Open Pro class qualifying put 4-time Champion Gage McAllister on pole position with Ryder Smith Racing teammate Sean Butterman second, visiting Italian racer Alberto Moseriti third and Tri-County Powersports Nick Reimer rounding out the front row.  In Moto 1 it was Italian Moseriti grabbing the holeshot and early lead on his Travanski Global, DVR USA sponsored bike.  Moseriti would hold off a charging field in the opening laps with McAllister and Butterman on his rear fender.  McAllister showed great speed in the off-road section of the .5-mile circuit blitzing the whoops section past Moseriti and into the lead on lap 4. McAllister would take advantage of an open track and pull away for an easy opening Moto win.  RSR teammate Sean Butterman would also make his way around Moseriti leaving a great battle for 3rd place between the visiting Italian and Nick Reimer.  Reimer was showing great speed, and it looked like only a matter of time before he would make his way around the Italian, but late in the Moto Reimer nearly vomited in his helmet due to the high heat conditions yielding the 3rd position to Moseriti.  McAllister, Butterman and Moseriti were your top 3 finishers in Moto 1.  

In Open Pro Moto 2, Moseriti again took the holeshot and early lead setting the pace for the field.  McAllister used his great off-road speed again to make his way around the Italian in the whoops sections, setting sail to another Moto win and the overall.  Reimer would make an exceptional scrubbing pass into the flat track area past Moseriti for the final podium position.  With that pass Reimer was able to put a Tri-County Powersports sponsored rider on the box in each class. McAllister, Butterman and Reimer were your overall podium finishers on Day 1.  

Day 2 of the double header race weekend continued on Saturday bringing a new set of challenges for racers.  As the off-road section wore in, most riders switched from rain tires to grooved slicks, which would be a deciding factor in several Moto’s.  

Pro Lites qualifying saw Last Minute Racing’s Christian Payne put his Tokyo Mod’s sponsored CRF250R on pole position followed by GPS Racing’s Hunter Brooks and Tausan Racing’s Brady Tausan 3rd.  In Moto 1, Hunter Brooks would take his first holeshot of the year followed wheel to wheel by Payne, Tausan and Pecoraro and Olivier.  Brooks would hold off Payne only a short time as he made the pass for the lead in the off-road section.  Behind them the racing heated up between Tausan and Pecoraro.  Different tire choices gave Tausan on his wet tires an advantage in the off-road section with Pecoraro on slicks gaining time on the tarmac areas.  Tausan’s rain tires wouldn’t last long in the Texas heat slowly losing grip allowing Pecoraro to make the pass entering the off-road section.  Moto 1 ended with Payne taking the checkered flag followed by Brooks and Pecoraro.  

In Moto 2, Payne would take his 3rd holeshot of the weekend followed by Tausan, Pecoraro and Brooks.  Payne would hold an early lead until he tucked the front the flat track right hander on lap 2, yielding the lead to Austin Pecoraro.  Payne would remount 4th behind Tausan and Brooks with his work cut out if he wanted his second overall win for the weekend.  Christian Payne would carve his way past Hunter Brooks and Brady Tausan giving chase to the leader and catching Pecoraro half way through the final Moto.  Different tire selection again between the top 2 would be the deciding factor with Payne on wets and Pecoraro on slicks.  Payne would lose grip in his tires in the closing minutes allowing Pecoraro to pull away for the Moto win.  Payne still took the overall going 1-2 for the day, Tri County Powersports Austin Pecoraro 2nd overall with Hunter Brooks grabbing the final podium position for the weekend.  Payne took 3 of 4 wins for the weekend extending his points lead to 21 over Pecoraro with 2 rounds left.  

In the Amateur National Class it was points leader Kevin Wehr earning pole position over 805 Supermoto’s Parker Pitman and Ryder Smith Racing team owner Joe Agley.  As the lights went out on Moto 1 it was Mad Cow Racing’s Justin Monnett grabbing the holeshot from outside row 1 chased by his teammate Wehr.  Monnett would lead the opening laps before Wehr would make his way past, slowly pulling away for the Moto win.  Pitman would make his way past Agley and Monnett to take second place, Joe Agley third.  

The racing action turned up in Moto 2 as several riders had a chance for the overall win.  RSR’s Joe Agley would take the holeshot over Wehr, Monnett and Pitman.  Kevin Wehr would have an early issue in the second turn, going down and remounting at the end of the field.  Agley would hold the lead for nearly half of the 15-minute moto before being chased down and passed by 805 Supermoto’s Parker Pitman.  The real story of Moto 2 was Kevin Wehr’s comeback from nearly last place all the way to second place in the last lap.  Pitman would take the overall going 2-1, Wehr second and Agley earning a well deserved third.  

Open Pro day 2 action again saw 4-time Champion Gage McAllister take pole position over his Ryder Smith Racing teammate Sean Butterman, Italian Moseriti and Tri-County Powersports Nick Reimer rounding out the front row.  In Moto 1 McAllister made quick work of the field, taking the holeshot and pulling away for and easy Moto win.  Racing behind was wheel to wheel between Alberto Moseriti, Sean Butterman and Nick Reimer.  A stall in the off-road section would take Reimer out of the chase leaving the battle for second place to Moseriti and Butterman.  Moseriti was able to hold off a hard charging Butterman for second place in Moto 1, Butterman taking third.  

In Moto 2 McAllister again took the holeshot with riders going down in the opening turn behind him.  Moseriti would tuck the front collecting a few riders with him, re-mounting mid-pack.  The visiting Italian would work his way back up to forth by the end of the Moto earning him the final podium position behind Ryder Smith Racing teammates McAllister and Butterman.  Gage McAllister extended his points lead to 48 over second place Nick Reimer headed into Round 5.  

The AMA Supermoto Championship continues in Trois-Rivieres Quebec City, Canada on August 3-5 at the very fast GP3R circuit in conjunction with FIA World Rallycross Championship and Americas Rallycross Championship.        



CORONA, CA (May 19, 2018)

Round 2 of the AMA Supermoto Championship headed to the desert of Tucson, Arizona to race the .78 mile Musselman Honda Circuit. The circuit is a rider favorite boasting high speed straights and a lengthy off-road section. Temperatures were only slightly uncomfortable in the low 90’s, but it was the wind that proved a challenge by the end of the weekend.

The ADVSupermoto Youth Series returned to the track with Christian Knox taking the win. Christian traveled all the way from Wallace, California to take his first win in the series. Christian may be a mere 8 years old but his race career began with flat track at the wee age of 3. Young Knox took the overall win on a 2005 Honda CR85 he received from former GNC2 flat track champion Mikey Martin.

In the Amateur National class it was Ryder Smyth Racing team owner Joe Agley grabbing the hole shot in Moto 1. Agley was only able to hold his lead for so long before being passed by Jake Wilson. As Wilson stalled entering the off-road, this allowed 805 Supermoto’s Parker Pitman and Mad Cow Racing’s Kevin Wehr to squeeze by. Wehr would make his way to the front and go on to take the moto win. Wehr was followed by Jacob Wilson for second and Max Lassiter for third.

Moto 2 it was points leader Kevin Wehr with the hole shot and giving him an early lead over Team Lassiter racer Max Lassiter. Wehr and Lassiter battled for the first 5 laps with Max gaining ground each lap in the off-road section. But on the 5th lap, however, the wind caused Lassiter to jump at an undesirable angle; his foot hit the ground first, before going down completely at the re-entry point of the asphalt. Lassiter ultimately suffered a fractured tibia and fibula bringing out the red flag and ending the moto. Mad-Cow Racing’s Kevin Wehr took the overall win extending his points lead, Jacob Wilson and Hadley Melton rounded out the podium in the Amateur National class.

The Pro LItes class was a great show to watch at the first round of AMA Supermoto in Idaho and that trend continued in the desert. Tausan Racing’s Brady Tausan earned his first pole position of the season ahead of visiting Austrian racer, and the only female competitor in the field, Laura Hollbacher. In Moto 1 it was Tausan getting the hole shot over Payne, Hollbacher and points leader Austin Pecoraro. Racing was wheel to wheel on lap 1 exiting the off-road section before Pecoraro tucked the front hard on the asphalt bringing out a red flag. Pecoraro would slowly remount and join the field. On the restart it was Last Minute Racing defending Pro Lites Champion Christian Payne with the early lead over Hollbacher and Pecoraro with a blistering start from the back row. They would go on to finish Moto 1 in that order: Payne, Hollbacher and Percoraro.

In Moto 2 it was Austria’s Laura Hollbacher with the hole shot over Payne and Tausan. Hollbacher would lead nearly half the 15-minute moto before eventually being passed in the off-road section by Payne. Tausan would also make his way around Hollbacher only to suffer a flat rear tire with less than 5 minutes remaining. Payne went on to win the moto and overall going 1-1 followed by Laura Hollbacher. Flat track regular and Supermoto newcomer Hunter Brooks would grab his first podium finish of the season in 3rd.

The Open Pro class hosted yet another international rider from Austria, brother of Pro Lites racer Laura, Lukas Hollbacher. Hollbacher would immediately show his speed by qualifying 1.6 seconds faster than the field. In Moto 1 it would be Hollbacher taking the hole shot, gaining an early lead over 4 time AMA Supermoto Champion Gage McAllister and American Flat Track singles competitor Shane Narbonne. The field was wheel to wheel entering the off-road section and subsequently this is where Hollbacher shined; Hollbacher pulled a several bike length lead in the dirt before returning to the asphalt. Hollabacher would go on to win by some 16 seconds over McAllister. Narbonne, Reimer and Pearce round out the top 5.

In Moto 2 it was again Hollbacher grabbing the hole shot over McAllister. A repeat of Moto 1 would ensue with Hollbacher taking the overall win. Ryder Smyth Racing’s Gage McAllister and Shane Narbonne round out the podium. McAllister extended his points lead in the Open Pro class over Bakersfield’s Bronson Pearce and Tri-County Powersports rider Nick Reimer.

The series continues with in Austin, Texas for a double header round at the Republic of Texas Rally on June 7-8.


Idaho’s first ever AMA Supermoto National Championship Round in the books!

CORONA, CA (April 17th, 2018)

Round 1 of AMA Supermoto took place on Saturday, April 14, 2018 at Idaho Expo West, as part of the Idaho Power Sports Show in the state capital of Boise, Idaho. The Idaho Power Sports Show featured a pop up track; a small .33 mile layout, comprising of two dirt sections at opposite ends, one end of which being the area’s established flat track arena. Make no mistake, the small track with its' unorthodox layout made for a big race weekend.

The highlight of AMA Supermoto Round 1 was Star, Idaho’s own Mason Muraira. Muraira may have been the only racer on track for the new ADVSupermoto Youth Series but he certainly didn’t disappoint as he tore around the track, hitting the doubles like a pro. At only 8 years old, Muraira already has over 5 years of racing under his belt and while this was his first Supermoto race, Dad said they had a blast and hope to make several of this year’s AMA Supermoto rounds with Mason chasing his first Youth Series Championship.

In Moto 1 of the Amateur National class we saw the emergence of Kody Kopp, son of flat track pro Joe Kopp.  Kopp took the lead on his CRF250 with the hole shot and leads the laps to take 1st over Mad Cow Racing’s Kevin Wehr and 805 Supermoto’s Parker Pitman who had a back and forth battle with Bakersfield’s Hadley Melton.  Amateur National Moto 1 finishes with Kody Kopp taking a win, followed by Kevin Wehr in second and Parker Pitman snagging the third place spot. 

Amateur National Moto2 started with Parker Pitman earning the hole shot from outside row 1 and he kept the lead for the nearly the entire 12 minute moto.  But in the closing minutes, a lap traffic incident causes Pitman to go down and a change of lead took place with Wehr, Kopp and Hadley getting by.  Pitman remounts to take fourth place.   Kevin Wehr takes the tiebreaker over Kody Kopp for the overall win, and Hadley Melton takes the tiebreaker over Parker Pitman.   

The Pro Lites class hosted the return of 2000 Grand National Champion Joe Kopp, returning to AMA Supermoto for the first time since 2003 when he appeared for the HMC KTM Team.  Kopp took the hole shot in Moto 1, on the same CRF250 his son raced in the Amateur National class, and kept the lead throughout Moto 1.  Behind Kopp a battle for third place began between reigning Pro Lites Champion Christian Payne and Tausan Racing’s Brady Tausan.  Ultimately Tausan claimed the third place spot on lap three, upping the stakes in a battle now for second place with TriCounty Powersports rider Austin Pecoraro. While Tausan passed Pecoraro, he only claimed the second place spot momentarily before taking a spill in the flat track arena with three laps to go.  Moto 1 finishes with Joe Kopp in first, Austin Pecoraro in second and Brady Tausan in third.  Last Min Racing’s Christian Payne finishes fourth with a broken foot he suffered the weekend prior at the Stateline Supermoto Challenge.

Pro Lites Moto 2 started strong with Pecoraro taking the hole shot and maintaining the lead for the duration.  Behind Pecoraro, Tausan, Kopp and Payne battle it out for the remaining spots on the podium. Brady Tausan goes down in the dirt yielding the podium to Austin Pecoraro first, Joe Kopp second and Christian Payne in third place.

Open Pro Qualifying promised a great show as Denmark’s Simon Vilhelmsen took pole by over .7 seconds from Bakersfield’s Bronson Pearce; Pearce being on a borrowed bike due to a mechanical issue earlier in the day.  Eric Stump third and 4 time AMA National Champion Gage McAllister started sixth.  

In Moto 1 Vilhelmsen took the hole shot over Pearce with Rider Smith Racing’s Eric Stump and Gage McAllister just behind.  Vilhelmsen looked to take an early lead but went down on lap 1 in the flat track arena.  Pearce pulled ahead for several laps before being passed by McAllister and Stump.  In a crowd pleasing display, Vilhelmsen works his way through the other riders, gaining time and positions and catches Stump in second place with only six laps to go.  On the final lap a slight mistake by Stump exiting the first dirt section gives Vilhelmsen his opportunity and Open Pro Moto 1 finishes with Gage McAllister, Simon Vilhelmsen and Eric Stump as top three.

Behind the battle for podium was a wheel to wheel fight for fourth place in the late laps between Bronson Pearce and TriCounty Powersports rider Nick Reimer.  Reimer secured the position in the final minutes of the race.

Open Pro Moto 2 opens with Simon Vilhelmsen taking the hole shot over Gage McAllister and Eric Stump.  Vilhelmsen and McAllister set a blistering pace on the small circuit and take the lead immediately.  It was a two rider clash for the entire 15-minute finale.  On the back straightaway on the final lap, McAllister and Vilhelmsen came in contact in the braking zone with both riders going down hard.  Gage McAllister manages to remount for the win, Eric Stump takes second and Simon Vilhelmsen finishes third.  A mirror image of Moto 1, Nick Reimer and Bronson Pearce combat for fourth place with Reimer finally getting the best of Pearce and claiming his fourth place overall. 

Round 1 in Boise saw the rise of young Mason Muraira and great racing across all three classes.  The next round of AMA Supermoto will be held on May 13 at the Musselman Honda Circuit in Tucson, Arizona.  


Top 5 Finishers

Open Pro

1. Gage McAllister (KTM 450SX-F)

2. Eric Stump (KTM 450SX-F)

3. Simon Vilhelmsen (Husqvarna FC450)

4. Nick Reimer (Husqvarna FC350)

5. Bronson Pearce (Honda CRF450R)


Pro Lites

1. Austin Pecoraro (Honda CRF250R)

2. Joe Kopp (Honda CRF250R)

3. Christian Payne (Honda CRF250R)

4. Brady Tausan (Kawasaki KX250F)

5. Hunter Brooks (Yamaha YZ250F)


Amateur National

1. Kevin Wehr (Husqvarna FC450)

2. Kody Kopp (Honda CRF250)

3. Hadley Melton (Kawasaki KX450F)

4. Parker Pitman (Honda CRF450)

5. Joe Agley (KTM 450SX-F)



Race Tech to get involved with the Hooked Up Award!

CORONA, CA, April 5th, 2018



Race Tech Suspension​ and Engines is coming into the 2018 AMA Supermoto Series revved up and ready to give an up and coming racer the tools he needs to become a Supermoto Champion with the Race Tech “Hooked Up” Award.



Breaking through limitations and maximizing performance is what Race Tech is all about, and Race Tech is looking for a new member for their Rider Support team that shows they have what it takes to be a star.  The Race Tech Hooked Up Award will be handed out to the most driven Amateur, Lites, Sportsman, or Youth racer.  Each round of the 2018 AMA Supermoto Series, a Race Tech Hooked Up Award Nominee will be awarded a Race Tech Prize Pack and be in the running for the Grand Prize… a national Pro level sponsorship program from Race Tech for the 2019 race season to get elite pricing on suspension and engine service for the entire year.  The winner will be announced at the finals in Sturgis, SD!



Since the roots of Supermoto, Race Tech has been the go-to suspension company and always supported the sport and riders; whether a grassroots enthusiast or reigning champion Gage Mcallister Racing​ .  To celebrate the new season and sponsorship of the AMA Supermoto Series comes as no surprise that they are offering up a massive award to an outstanding competitor with the Race Tech Hooked Up Award.  Learn more about Race Tech’s championship proven lineup of Suspension and Engine parts, tools, and services by logging onto




AMA Supermoto roars onto Two Wheels TV

Great racing action will be featured on the all-motorcycle streaming network

Corona, CA (March 26, 2018) AMA Supermoto gets off to a fast start with Two Wheels TV – the new streaming network dedicated entirely to motorcycling. Racing from the series will be available on the AMA Supermoto Channel.

Soft launch of TWTV is set for early April, supporting iOS and Android devices. Fans can register for updates now at Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Roku will be supported upon full launch in June.

“The collaboration with Two Wheels TV opens so many doors,” explains AMA Supermoto President, Alex Mock. “More people will have access to great racing; and series sponsors will have new ways to engage fans. With Two Wheels TV, everybody wins.”

Featured riders / teams in the 2018 AMA Supermoto Series include:


4X Open Pro Champion, Gage McAllister (Ryder Smith Racing)

Pro Lites Champion, Christian Payne (Last Minute Racing)

Former Pro Lites Champion, Nick Reimer (Tri-County Powersports)

Along with the AMA Supermoto Series, Two Wheels TV will deliver live motorcycle races, streaming from all over the world. The network will also feature an on-demand library of motorcycle movies, shows, race archives, and other exclusive programming.

 “Two Wheels TV is like Netflix for motorcycling,” explains TWTV founder, Alan Smith. “Motorcycling enthusiasts deserve a network dedicated to their passion. And now it’s here – TWTV is the new destination for global motorcycling entertainment."

AMA Supermoto Contact

Alex Mock –  


Two Wheels TV Contact

David Zeitman –


Corona, CA (February 20, 2018)
ADVMoto Becomes Title Sponsor for AMA ADVSupermoto Youth Series

Nothing breathes life into motorcycling like developing young enthusiast. That’s why ADVMoto is excited to become the Title Sponsor of the ADVSupermoto Youth Series of the AMA SupermotoNational Championship. Most young racers will compete on 85cc 2t or 150cc 4t bikes on dirt and pavement, but all kids are welcome on any cc bike!

Three exciting events around North America offer the opportunity to win cash prizes, trophies and more. Track venues range from football stadiums to closed-course streets and parking lots. Many of this year’s national supermoto races are held in conjunction with other rallies or events, so there’s plenty to do after the checkered flag. The series is sanctioned by the AMA and promoted by Alex Mock of DRT Racing Inc. who hopes to push AMA Supermoto into a new era.

DRT Racing, Inc. is excited about the new relationship and endless opportunities with ADVMoto Magazine. We look forward to activating many programs for the youth as well as ADV enthusiasts alike!" – Alex Mock, President DRT Racing

In addition to a cash prizes and trophies, ADVMoto will provide coverage and race updates. Stay tuned for exciting articles with future champions of AMA Racing and other supermoto related content.

“Keeping kids and families in grass-roots motorcycle racing will be important to ensuring a strong future for two-wheeled lovers in America and beyond. Sponsoring the ADVSupermoto Youth Series is only a start. Many don’t realize how much motorcycle racing costs, and expenses can come entirely out of pocket. Even a small cash purse right now can go a long way in helping off-set some of the many costs of competition. We hope to see more contribution from the industry and community in the very near future.” – Carl Parker, Publisher ADVMoto Magazine

2018 AMA Supermoto National Championship Series schedule announced
Six rounds slated for April through September
PICKERINGTON, Ohio -- The 2018 AMA Supermoto National Championship Series features six rounds of action beginning April 14 in Boise, Idaho, giving professional and amateur racers the chance to demonstrate their skills on both dirt and pavement.

"Supermoto is an exciting form of motorcycle racing, for competitors and spectators," said AMA Track Racing Manager Ken Saillant. "We look forward to some excellent racing in some great venues in the United States and Canada this year."

Supermoto is a mixture of street-style racing and motocross in which racers compete on a track that combines dirt and pavement and includes jumps and sliding through turns. Track venues can range from football stadiums to closed-course streets to parking lots.

The series, sanctioned by the AMA and promoted by DRT Racing Inc., crowns professional and amateur champions and features four classes: the Pro Open class, the Pro Lites class, the Amateur National class and the Sportsman class.

"We are honored to have this opportunity in bringing supermoto to the people for the next three years," said Alex Mock, president of DRT Racing Inc.

The series also is sanctioned by FIM North America as the FIM NA Supermoto Continental Championship.

"FIM North America is very pleased to continue its association with DRT Racing Inc. in the promotion of the FIM NA Supermoto Continental Championship," said Marilynn Bastedo, president of FIM North America. "We are especially glad that a round will take place in each of the two FIM NA member countries, encouraging participation by Canadian riders, as well as Americans."

For more information about the AMA Supermoto National Championship Series, visit the promoter's website: or visit

2018 AMA Supermoto National Championship Series Schedule

Round 1: April 14: Boise, Idaho: Expo Idaho (Season opener with motorcycle show)

Round 2: May 13: Tucson, Ariz.: Musselman Honda Circuit (4th Annual Military Appreciation Race)

Round 3: June 8: Austin, Texas: Travis County Expo Center (24th Anniversary Republic of Texas Rally)

Round 4: June 9: Austin, Texas: Travis County Expo Center

Round 5: Aug. 3-5: Quebec, Canada: GP3R Trois-Rivières (3rd Annual GP3R w/ FIA World Rallycross)

Round 6: Sept. 8: Sturgis, S.D.: Downtown Sturgis (6th Annual Streets of Sturgis Supermoto)
About the American Motorcyclist Association
Founded in 1924, the AMA is a not-for-profit member-based association whose mission is to promote the motorcycle lifestyle and protect the future of motorcycling. As the world's largest motorcycling rights and event sanctioning organization, the AMA advocates for riders' interests at all levels of government and sanctions thousands of competition and recreational events every year. The AMA also provides money-saving discounts on products and services for its members. Through the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame in Pickerington, Ohio, the AMA honors the heroes and heritage of motorcycling. For more information, visit
CORONA, California (December 23, 2017)

2018 AMA Supermoto National Championship Series Schedule

Round    Date                       Location                 Venue                                    Notes

1              April 14                  Boise, ID                 Expo Idaho                           Season Opener w/ Motorcycle Show

2              May 13                   Tucson, AZ             Musselman Honda Circuit  Military Appreciation Race

3              June 7 - 10            Austin, TX              Travis County Expo Center 24th Anniversary Republic of Texas Rally

4              June 7 - 10            Austin, TX              Travis County Expo Center 24th Anniversary Republic of Texas Rally

5              August 3 - 5          Quebec, Canada   GP3R Trois-Rivières             with FIA World Rallycross

6              September 7 - 8   Sturgis, SD             Downtown Sturgis                6th Annual Streets of Sturgis Supermoto


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About DRT Racing

DRT Racing was formed by the Mock brothers in 2014. Fueled by their passion for motorcycles, they bridged the gap between industry brands and riders worldwide. After years of hard work and dedication to the sport, DRT Racing established themselves as the promoter for the AMA Supermoto National Championship Series. DRT Racing will put supermoto in the spotlight worldwide with the new 3 year National Supermoto sanctioning with the AMA. The series crowns both professional and amateur champions and features four classes: the Pro Open class, the Pro Lites class, the Amateur National class and the Sportsman class. For more information about the AMA Supermoto National Championship Series, follow IG: @drtracinginc or visit or For sponsorships, media and PR please email


About Supermoto

Supermoto originated in the U.S. in the late 70s as a made-for-TV “Superbikers” show. Supermoto is a cross-discipline event in which road racers, dirt-trackers and motocrossers compete on a unique track that combines pavement and dirt, resulting in a very competitive race track. The races feature jumps, high speeds and back-it-in sliding. Tracks can range from football stadiums to closed-course streets to parking lots and more.




Courtesy of the American Motorcyclist Association 
The AMA Supermoto National Championship Series crowned National Champions Gage McAllister, Christian Payne and Dave Rock, who earned AMA National number-one plates in a season cut short by Hurricane Nate.
McAllister was crowned the 2017 AMA Supermoto Pro Open National Champion after accumulating 194 points in eight races during the four-round series. Payne won the Pro Lites class with 94 points. Rock topped the Amateur class with 62 points. “With six wins and two runner-up finishes during the 2017 season, Gage McAllister dominated a field of exceptionally talented AMA Supermoto racers and unequivocally stamped his name on the AMA number-one 1 plate,” said AMA track racing manager Ken Saillant. “We congratulate all the racers who took to the track this season and competed across the continent for their shot at the podium.” 1/2 The AMA Supermoto National Championship Series finale, scheduled for October 7 at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida, was canceled due to the impending arrival of Hurricane Nate. The race was not rescheduled, and the 2017 champions were determined based on the results of the first four races of the series. For more information on the AMA Supermoto National Championship, visit
2017 AMA Supermoto National Championship Series Results
PRO OPEN: 1. Gage McAllister (194); 2. Dustin Hoffman (172); 3. Lewis Cornish (145).
PRO LITES: 1. Christian Payne (94); 2. Brady Tausen (67); 3. Steve Alkyer (51).
AMATEUR: 1. Dave Rock (62); 2. Kevin Wehr (57); 3. Eugene Fiorotto (40).
CORONA, Cali (April 14, 2017)
Asphalt & Rubber published a detailed race report and Supermoto overview for our season opener at Kern County Raceway Park on April 8th, 2017!

DRT Racing Announces 2017 AMA Supermoto National Championship Series Schedule

American Motorcyclist Association and DRT Racing release the 2017 AMA Supermoto National Championship Series schedule with an all-new venue and a return to fan-favorites

CORONA, Cali. (February 24, 2017) – DRT Racing is proud to announce the 2017 AMA Supermoto National Championship Series schedule with one new venue and a return to the series’ fan-favorite venues. The 2017 season kicks off on the West Coast with a total of five powerful destination rounds and familiar names. Jeff Ward, seven-time AMA national champion, will be the Official Track Layout and Designer in this year’s series. Jeff reports, "I'm excited to put my experience of racing supermoto back into the sport by designing the race tracks. I'm looking forward to not only designing the tracks for great racing but also to be fun for the riders!”

After last year’s successful debut event, the series returns to Kern County Raceway Park for the season opener on April 8. DRT Racing is collaborating with AMA Supermoto West and Golden Empire Supermoto. Many rumors are emerging of international champions crossing the waters for their shot at the title in the United States!

Next up is Musselman Honda Circuit, the third year of the event but with an all-new date in the Spring - May 6. We will be teaming up with Southwest Supermoto Arizona State Championship and promoters to bring out the best in the west!

Also returning for a second year after a successful debut event is GP3R in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada. A fan and rider favorite, the August 5-6 round with be a two-day event and once again held in conjunction with FIA World Rallycross, promising some high speed tire screeching excitement all weekend.

Round four is another fan and rider favorite venue – downtown Sturgis, South Dakota. The championship returns to the Streets of Sturgis for the fifth consecutive year giving the best Supermoto racers in country another chance for glory on the technical street course, maneuvering in and out of alleyways, and engaging massive dirt sections.

The series finale heads to a new venue by the white sand beaches at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida. We are partnering with AMA Southeast Supermoto to put the fastest group in the nation under the lights where the champions will emerge.

DRT Racing would like to inform the supermoto community that we will be working with world renowned tracks, destinations and legends for 2018 and future seasons to come! We will also incorporate various outlets for race results and race media coverage.

DRT Racing partners with many industry manufacturers sponsors and brands, therefore we understand the urgency of releasing upcoming race schedules for teams and privateers to coordinate race and travel plans. Watch for further developments and thank you for your continued support in creating a safe, challenging, and enjoyable race experience for the whole family!

2017 AMA Supermoto National Championship Series Schedule

Round     Date                           Location Venue                                         Notes

1                April 8                        Bakersfield, CA       Kern County Raceway           Season Opener w/AMA SM West

2                May 6                       Tucson, AZ               Musselman Honda Circuit    Military Appreciation Race

3                August 5 - 6             Quebec, Canada    GP3R Trois-Rivières                with FIA World Rallycross

4                September 16        Sturgis, SD               Downtown Sturgis                  5th Annual Sturgis Supermoto

5                October 7                 Pensacola, FL          Five Flags Speedway            Season Finale w/AMA Southeast SM

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About DRT Racing

DRT Racing was formed by the Mock brothers in 2014. Fueled by their passion for motorcycles, they bridged the gap between industry brands and riders worldwide. After years of hard work and dedication to the sport, DRT Racing established themselves as the new promoter for the 2017 AMA Supermoto National Championship Series. The championship itself was established in 2012 under stewardship of former promoter USA Pro Supermoto and became an AMA-sanctioned championship in 2014. The series crowns both professional and amateur champions and features four classes: the Pro Open class, the Pro Lites class, the Amateur National class and the Sportsman class. For more information about the AMA Supermoto National Championship Series, visit or email

About Supermoto

Supermoto originated in the U.S. in the late 70s as a made-for-TV “Superbikers” show. Supermoto is a cross-discipline event in which road racers, dirt-trackers and motocrossers compete on a unique track that combines pavement and dirt, resulting in a very competitive race track. The races feature jumps, high speeds and back-it-in sliding. Tracks can range from football stadiums to closed-course streets to parking lots and more.

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