Lockstraps Locking tie-downs (set of 2)


Lockstraps Locking tie-downs (set of 2)

(2) Locking Tie Down Strap - (you will receive 2 tie-down straps)

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#101 – Transport your power-sports, marine, tools, bicycles, and anything else in the bed of your truck or open bed trailer securely. Eliminate theft!!


  • Lockstraps are great to deter theft and are a convenient replacement for chains and padlocks.
  • Lockstraps can be used to secure a variety of items to your vehicle or trailer and also your trailer to your vehicle.
  • The carabiners have combination locks which means no keys.
  • The combinations can also be reset if needed.
  •  The strap has a stainless steel braided cable throughout the entire length of the strap.
  • The products are beefy, yet light weight and well manufactured.