AMA Supermoto Supplemental Rules 2017

2017 AMA Rule Racing Rule Book Link


2017 AMA Supermoto Supplemental Rules

  1. In the case of conflicts between these rules and the 2017 AMA Racing Rule book, these supplemental rules supersede the AMA Racing Rule book.
  2. Number plates for Pro Open Class must be white with black numbers. Pro Lites class must be Black with white numbers.
  3. A rider that cuts the track during qualifying will start at the back of the grid for main event.
  4. A rider that cuts the track during a race must give up the time and/or positions gained. If the racer fails to do so he/she will be penalized to the race referees decision.
  5. A rider entered in any pro class is not eligible to race the Amateur National class.
  6. A rider with a pro license in another form of motorcycle racing must race a pro class, unless the rider is approved from the race referee to race the Amateur National class.
  7. Pro class riders must use supermoto specific wheels. Sixteen – Seventeen inch wheels are approved.
  8. If a rider causes a red flag that rider must start in the last starting spot on the restart grid.

2017 Update Version 3.8.17

  1. A rider who is top five in the Open class cannot compete in the Lites class.
  2. Additional tear down procedure. Section 4.5, A 2 e. page 262 of 2017 Rulebook
  3. Race format shall be Qualifying / Heat / Main for all classes.
  4. Riders are capped at 2 sets of tires per race event (changed from 1 set in 2016). If a rider has a mechanical issue and needs to change more tires, the rider or team member must notify the race referee for permission. In the event of rain the tire rule is exempt.