Motion Pro - Axis Truing-Balance Stand

Motion Pro - Axis Truing-Balance Stand

  • Precision built tool for building, truing, and balancing wheels
  • Innovative single sided design allows easy access to spokes and nipples
  • High quality bearings allow precise wheel balancing
  • 15 mm axle fits most modern street and dirt bikes and many mini bikes
  • Hub cones hold wheel firmly in place. Cones work with wheel bearing ID from 18mm to 32mm
  • Adjustable pointer for truing wheels
  • Simple folding design for easy storage when not in use
  • Can be used with dial indicators (not included)
  • Durable powder coat finish

Part No. 08-0538


The NEW Axis Truing Balance Stand will surpass all your expectations for quality and function. It’s signature blue powder coated steel tubular frame is designed to fold away for easy storage. The innovative single sided design makes it easy to access spokes nipples. The 15mm axle fits most modern street and off-road motorcycle wheels and features high quality bearings that allow precise wheel balancing. An aluminum hub cone with setscrew keeps wheels firmly locked in place. For truing, an aluminum pointer is mounted to a clamp with horizontal and vertical adjustment to accommodate most motorcycle wheels. Innovation and functionality are the hallmarks of any product we design and the Axis Truing-Balancing Stand is no exception. We design tools for the professional mechanics and DIY that give professional results in any setting.