VP Racing Fuels U4.4™

  • This leaded fuel is the best choice for virtually any powersports application
  • Latest generation of VP Racing U4-based fuels
  • Makes up to 6% more power than pump gas across a wider range of applications than its predecessors
  • It yields no sticky residue and is more resistant to heat
  • Designed as a direct, pour in replacement for pump gas, it will require modest jetting changes, i.e. +2 main jets or +2 pilot jets at most
  • With a higher octane rating, U4.4 is designed for use in stock and modified 2-stroke and 4-stroke applications
  • Passes fuel rules for AMA Pro/Am, CCS, WERA, AFM, NMA, WORCS, SCORE and Best in the Desert as well as club level racing and more
  • 5 gallons


Typical Values:

  • Color: Green
  • Motor Octane: 103
  • Specific Gravity: .763 at 60 F