Sound Testing SCFTA

Read to the end, please!

Why do we sound test?
C.A.R.B. aka “California Air Resource Board
is requiring that all motorcycles comply!

California law requires that all motor vehicles, including motorcycles, comply with state code with regard to sound emissions. ... Riders should also note that it is illegal to modify an exhaust system to exceed the sound limits

 With that being said, moving forward, we will be sound testing EVERYONE starting at our
​August 8th event and all future races.

Target is 100db or below.  If you do not pass, you do not ride!  If you do not go to test thinking you will slide in, that will not happen!  To race with us, you must test your muffler sound to comply with the C.A.R.B. standards.

This is about you.  This is about keeping our flat track open!  If you do not care about our facility, then do not come race with us!  We will miss, you but understand your choice. This sound testing applies to everyone who races with us.

We have been in the motorcycle race promotions business for twenty-one years. As mentioned before, this is not about us, it is about you.   We do what we do for every one of our riders and the love we all share for the sport of Flat Track Racing!

Over sixty years ago, when the Burton Family started Perris Raceway in the 1960’s, there were no neighbors near the track.  Life was very rural here.  Now, we have communities around us and not everyone has the same passion as we do.  The noise bothers most of them!  With that being said, we have experienced law enforcement being called on us every time a motorcycle is started.  The complaint, “Noise”!  
California motorcycle exhaust laws are so strict for one main reason:  Sound limits allow the state to reduce the amount of noise pollution with which residents and pedestrians must content. Engines with exhausts that emit an excessive amount of noise threaten to disrupt the peace or even set off car alarms.

Why are we still here?  Since we have been here for so many years, the City of Perris has grandfathered in our permit.  Although that is good for us, it does not mean we can do whatever we want to.  As far as sound goes, it is at the top of the list for scrutiny!  We must comply!

A list of exhaust systems that will NOT pass sound testing: SuperTrapp, Gemco,
any AFT systems, most S&S, Megaphones w/o proper mufflers.

*The Best for DTX bikes is stock exhaust or C.A.R.B. approved systems!
  (California Air Resource’s Board)

At this time, we like to thank everyone who has worked so hard to comply with the sound restrictions we have experienced in the past and encourage others to come on board moving forward.  We hope that you and your family are staying safe & healthy in these trying times as well.


Donna Edwards, Jim Wood & Rudy Gil
Southern California Flat Track Association