CRF-E2 Stage 3 Controller

I am taking pre-orders for a new batch.

Don't be left behind, supplies won't last, so don't be the last. 

So if you really want to unleash the full potential of your Greenger x Honda CRF-E2, you need to get this updated display that unlocks Stage 3. CRF-E2's motor having a max output of 2.5kW and Stage 2 only utilizing 1.9kW, we knew there was more fun to unlock. Stage 3 brings you to 2.2kW. The sweet spot for max speed, good battery life, and motor longevity. 

Tested by kids and the pros. 

To replace, simply swap out the old controller with the one we send.

*Disclaimer: installing the Stage 3 Controller voids any warranty.